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Follow-up loan: Save money! The follow-up loan is also called rescheduling or prolongation. Regardless of where you are so far, we offer you a suitable follow-up loan.

credit Risk

credit Risk

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Date loan calculator | Follow-up loan with top interest rate

Date loan calculator | Follow-up loan with top interest rate

If you want to hedge today’s interest rates for your follow-up financing, there is the so-called term loan. The fixed interest rate cycle of the current real estate loan will end in a few years and it would be advisable to consider follow-up financing? In this case, now is the time to take a closer look at the opportunities and risks of the forward loan.

Because the term credit business is one of the ways today’s extremely low interest rates for tomorrow’s follow-up financing to use. Some experts assume that interest rates will rise in the near future. The forward loan does this: follow-up financing at today’s traditionally low interest rates and start after the expiry of the current financing.

Another advantage: You do not have to rely on the financial institution for the follow-up financing, where the current financing is running. QUA West is one of the world’s largest forward lenders in Northern Germany. With the help of an online calculator, depending on the end of the current commitment period, you may be able to Conditions are displayed.

For a term of 1 to 36 months, a small surcharge on current interest is payable. The amount of this premium for a term loan, the customer can calculate using a computer. The customer chooses a fixed repayment share between two and five years. Depending on the current situation of the household budget, the repayment can therefore be adjusted variably.

Additional modules make the lending of QUA West even more individual. With a term loan with the QUA, the terms between 5 and 15 years are arbitrary, a full repayment within the deadline is possible. In addition to its flexibility, the QUABank Nord also offers top conditions. This applies to both classic annuity and term loans.

A large network of branch offices for the benefit of its customers is deliberately largely avoided at QUA West. In this way, the expenses incurred are saved and can be passed on as a savings to customers – another reason why the QUA entitled “Fairest Construction Financer” last year by “Focus Money” and the trade magazine “Euro” as the most popular Landesbank was awarded.

A good opportunity to use today’s low interest rates for tomorrow’s follow-up financing is a term loan. QUA West has probably the most flexibly equipped term loan business in Germany for borrowers whose fixed interest periods expire within the next three years. The Forward Loan Calculator displays daily updated interest rate surcharges, helping to design refinancing.

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